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DS! All SOLD except JetJ Skirt for US buyershipping included


Fine Print

-I ship from Southern California
-I only accept Paypal
-Whoever leaves Paypal e-mail address has priority but must pay within 24 hours of invoice then 2nd person gets the chance.
-I do not accept returns so please read all disclosures carefully.
-Price include shipping(not insurance) and Paypal fees.  Shipping will be First Class in an envelope or box with Delivery Confirmation within 2 days of receiving payment excluding Sunday.  Any item weighing more than 13 oz will be parcel post with Delivery Confirmation
-I will NOT ship internationally.   Sorry.
-I am not responsible for any lost package if  buyer does not pay additional fee for the insurance.
-I have a Yorkie- a dog breed with very minimal shedding.  My clothes are kept away from my dog .
-I have feedback here:  community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/350187.html

-Some measurements are taken lay flat, and all the measurements are amateur/approx. measurements

Not interested in trades since I really need money for my summer trip to Asia.


Item #1 White Iron Gate Replica with Black Print and Black Lace -New without Tag  - SOLD

Item #2 Black Iron Gate Replica with Blue Print and Black Lace-New without Tag  -SOLD reserved for chiibiusa

Item #3 Juliette et Justine Ivory Eyelet Skirt-New with Tag - $75 shipped
Bought New with Tag from EGL Com Sales but never had chance to wear it.
Originally cost 22,000 yen($268 usd)
Elastic all around the top

Total length = 27 inches
Suggest lighter color undie or a slip.
Waist = 26-30 inches (would suggest less than 29 would be ideal - I am 27 inches)


Item #4 Bodyline (between White and off White) OP-New with Tag $45 shipped
Heavier cotton fabric. 
Partial back shirring(will stretch 1-1.5 inches)
Removable Bow
Adorable heart shaped pearlized buttons

Armpit to armpit= 16 inches lay flat without stretching the shirring  
Waist = 13 inches lay flat without stretching the shirring  
Length= 14 inches from waist

Thank you for looking.


Tags: !ds, bodyline, handmade, juliette et justine

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