.zombie autopilot. (xmordecaix) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
.zombie autopilot.

WTB: Black lolita shoes

My feedback: Here

Hi everyone,

I'm just looking for black lolita shoes that I need in time for AX come July.. I prefer a cuter style with a chunky heel or platform, mary jane, tea party style, rounder front, etc. Size 8.5~9 or 25~25.5 japanese sizing..possibly up to 9.5 if the shoe fits small.

I'm willing to look at any brand or offbrand but I would LOVE to keep my spending limit including shipping below $40 maaybe $50, so please keep that in mind since I probably can't afford AP tea parties or something like that ;)

So please show me what you have to offer. Thank you!
Tags: !wtb

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