lilyzm (lilyzm) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Bodyline & Offbrand Shoes

Hello there :)
I'm currently looking to buy some shoes, I'd like them in a color other than black.
Mint and Yellow are my favorite colors at the moment.

I wouldn't care if they are used, or if the have some scuffs.
I've been into the Lolita Lyfestyle for a while, but I haven't got a chance to build a decent or even modest wardrobe.

I'm a US 7.5 - 8, don't really know the measurements in CM or UK size.
Please, give me your prices in USD, and an estimate for shipping.

I live in Carolina, Puerto Rico, 00982
For some this is considered USA, and for others International (:

My payment method would be Paypal. So if there are any other fees or taxes please inform that too

Link to my Feeback:
Unitl now everything's at 0. I haven't purchased or sold anything through the community. Since I am asking for Bodyline and Offbrand shoes, you can imagine what kind of budget I've got.
Please be reasonable with your prices... I'm a beginner! :3
Tags: !wtb, bodyline, offbrand

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