Accounts Receivable (atomicwarplease) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Accounts Receivable

DS: AatP Chandelier Flocky and Circus Print

**All positive feedback can be found here.
**PayPal only, no e-checks.
**Prices include USPS Priority shipping with Delivery Confirmation within the US.
**Prices do not include PayPal fees. Fees can be calculated here.
**No holds. No trades. Payment must be made within 24 hours.
**Priority goes to the first serious buyer to leave their PayPal address and to buyers in the US. If there are better offers, I will use my own discretion to decide who to sell to based on feedback, communication, location, and offer amount.
**Items will be shipped within two weekdays following payment.
**Measurements taken from and are approximate.
**Do not PM me with offers. I like to keep my sales public :)
**The dresses have been stored in homes with a cat and a rabbit.

AatP Chandelier Flocky JSK - $160
95cm length, 86cm bust, 72cm waist

 Proof of ownership


AatP Circus Print JSK - $220
92cm length, 92cm bust, 68cm waist

Proof of ownership

Feel free to ask questions/requestmore photos/etc! I work during the daytime but will gladly answer any inquiries on my lunch break/as soon as I get home :)!
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates

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