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WTT/WTB: Sweet for gothic

+PayPal only
+Items ship from Anacortes,WA USA
+Prices are in USD
+I'm willing to trade for Gothic brand items only
+Priority goes to those who leave their PayPal addresses first
+ Everything is smoke free, but I do have 3 cats. Everything will  be lint-rolled before being sent out.

I decided a while back to switch from sweet to Gothic, but still haven't successfully gotten some Gothic Lolita. What I really want are skirts like this:

Mainly, I really want a high waisted skirt, or something with a bustle back. As far as colors go, I want just black or black and blue (like the second picture.

I will also be needing a blouse, but will deal with that after I find a skirt ^^

I am also looking for a wig like this, but in dark brown, red, or black:

The things I have to trade are the following (I will add proof pictures later today. I may sell these):
I have the sax one. The only flaw is there is a small stain on one of the sleeves. I haven't really tried to get it out though.
I have this dress in sax M. It has only been worn out of the house twice.
I have this petti in sax (do you see a color theme here XD) It has been worn once or twice.
These have a little wear, but mostly on the foot part.
Thank you :D
Tags: !dt, !wtb, bodyline
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