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WTC - an experienced seamstress to craft an intricate OTT mori x loli dress

Feedback :
Hello ladies !
I'm looking to commission someone to make an ott mori/loli long dress.
It's a really intricate design featuring lots and lots of ruffles, lace, pintucks, so I'm seeking a seamstress whose more familiar with these things.
Willing to pay for quality fabric, lace and other finishes as well as a good commission fee.
Oh and if you could work on a long term basis with me, that'd be smashing since I'd love to commission more pieces like this.

So I'd like to commission the white dress (as well as the rose coat dress once I get more funds~).
This is actually a doll garment, but I have fallen in love with it. <3
I'm aware that this is a really time-consuming commission, but I'm more than willing to pay for your effort.
I'd like to stick to the original design (except for the questionable netting ; perhaps that could be replaced with organza/chiffon or some other sheer fabric) and colours and add lining as well.

So please post or PM me with some examples of your work if you're interested. n__n

~ Also cross-posted to sew_loli
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