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DS: Gothic jewelry, Alchemy Gothic pre order

I'm taking orders on jewelry and accessories from UK company Alchemy Gothic!

The order will be placed from Alchemy on June 15th. To get your item, make sure to place your order before then! All orders will be shipped by the end of June. Of course, you can combine your Alchemy order with anything else from my webshop, http://ergi.se

Check out the Alchemy items available in my Webshop here.

– You can order anything available in the Alchemy catalogue. For items not yet available in my webshop, email to info (at) ergi (dot) se and make a request! (All I need is the article number or item name) The item will be added to the webshop for you to order.

– Place the items in your cart and check out. Shipping and sales tax are calculated automatically by the webshop. You pay upon placing your order, through PayPal or bank transfer.

I ship from Gothenburg, Sweden and prices are in SEK, Swedish krona.

Any questions? Feel free to ask! ^__^

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