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DS Victorian Maiden and Mary Magdalene Cutsews

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I am a non-smoker and have no pets

I am based in London and will ship using Royal Mail. This service is very reliable and speedy.

For shipment outside the UK, I will insist on tracking. Parcels sent without tracking will be at your own risk.

I live in London and can meet you to handover the goods at a reasonable location.

I have a postroom at my work and will be able to dispatch quickly.

For reference, my measurements are bust 38 inches and waist 28 inches. I do not fit these items!

These cutsews are not like high street teeshirts. Despite being made of jersey type fabric they are very fitted, with zips to get them on or off.

Please pay careful attention to the listed measurements. These do not have the same amount of 'give' as cutsews from Meta or Baby. The arm measurements in particular are very small. Please ask if you need further clarification.

PayPal only please!

By purchasing from me, you have agreed to the above terms and conditions.

Cream Victorian Maiden Cutsew

Purchased from Mbok a few months ago. Never worn, only tried on.

It is natural waist length and the sleeves are 3/4 ones.

Front view

Back view

Detail of neckline and label

Closeup of front lacing. The lacing is velvet ribbons

The cutsew is in a gently worn condition. There is a small zip in the side to put it on.

Flat measurements
15.5 inch bust (this can stretch 1-2 inches because of the lacing)
13 inch waist ((this can stretch 1-2 inches because of the lacing)
11 inch sleeve length (excluding frill)

The sleeves end on the elbow and the opening is 4.1 inches. Please check this as it is quite small.

Price is £35
First class shipping with tracking to the UK is £3
Airsure with tracking to the EU is £9
International shipping on request

Mary Magdalene Cutsew

Absoluteley gorgeous, with velvet ribbon and beautiful lace trimmings. Has a small zip on the nape of the neck to put it on.

Bought from Mbok a few months ago. Tried on but never worn. Very small in the shoulders! Was tried on by some friends of mine who have 32 inch busts and it was too small for them.

A good seamstress would probably be able to make it larger by replacing the zip with one that cuts across the ribbon trim at the neck (which has no give at all at present) as this seems to be what is constricting the size.

The sleeves are full length and the cutsew itself is hip length so perfect for skirts.



Detail of the neckline and label

Closeup of the sleeve

Flat measurements

15 inch bust
12.5 inch bust at the most narrow part. There is a small amount of give here. About an inch or so.
19.5 inches from ribbon trim on the sleeve to the shoulder seam.
12.6 inch breadth from one shoulder seam to the other (the width of the cutsew exclusive of sleeves) Measure the width of your shoulders to check this.

There is a very small amount of damage to one of the arm seams, a few stiches have come loose. The seam is very firm despite this and does not appear to be about to tear further. Please ask if you would like further details.

Price £35.
Shipping as above.

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