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DS: Putumayo, BPN, PN, BTSSB socks, F+F, GLB, Bodyline


* Feedback: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/417833.html
* First to leave their PayPal address will get priority over the item
* Second priority goes to those in the U.S.
* I am not responsible for the packages once it is in the hands of the post office.
* I accept payment by PAYPAL only. No eChecks.
* Payment must be received withing 24 hours of invoice.
* I do not Charge for Paypal Fees.
* No exchanges, no refunds.
* Shipping Method : USPS
* Prices include shipping for both US and International
* Please give me a week to ship the items

Putumayo bunny dress: $135 Within the US, $145 International 
comes with the matching Ribbon/Tie
worn few times
full size
max waist: 34in / 86cm
length: 31in / 79cm
Sleeve: 25in / 63cm
Black Peace Now skirt: $100 Within the US, $110 International 
worn few times
Waist:  26-29in / 66-73cm
length: shortest part of skirt 22in / 56cm....longest part of skirt: 29.5in / 75cm
Peace Now Star Top/Dress :$100 Within the US, $110 International
warning o 3o.....will only sell if i am not able to sell the other items listed...if you are interested, please leave your paypal or contact me anyways... 
Waist: free
length:  30in / 76cm <--adjustable shoulder strap 
Peace Now Shorts: $75 Within the US, $85 International
worn once
Waist: 29in / 73cm
Hip: 36in / 91cm
Length: 17-20in / 43-51cm

Fan Plus Friend Skirt: $45 within the US, $55 International (SOLD)
worn 3 times
Waist: 30in / 77cm
Length: 23in / 58cm
Bodyline Black Blouse: $20 Within the US, $25 International (SOLD)
bought used but never used myself
Size M has shirring and lacing on the back for adjustable size
Bust: 34in / 86cm 
Waist: 32in / 81cm 
Length: 19in / 48cm
Punk Rave Bunny Jacket : $30 + $10 shipping within the US only
super warm
detachable sleeves and hood
small damage
Waist: 40in / 101cm max
Length: 24in / 61cm
Sleeves: 22in / 56cm
Punk Rave Devil horn Jacket: $30 + $10 Shipping within the US only
small damage : two button missing keeping the furry part attached t
furry part is removable, the part right under the belt can also be removed to make the jacket shorter.
Waist: 38in / 96cm max
upper part 20.5in / 52cm
with lower part attached : 30.5in / 77.5cm 
Sleeves: 23in / 58cm

BTSSB Socks: $15 Within the US, $18 International
worn once, but damaged
Listed as Over the Knee socks
Fan Plus Friends black Wig: $25 Within the US , $30 International (PAYMENT PENDING)

GLB English
order from right to left <---
Vol 1 winter 2008: $13 shipped within US (damaged) (with pattern)
Vol 2 Summer 2008: $13 Shipped within US (missing pattern) (SOLD)
Vol 3 Autumn 2008: $15 Shipped within US (with pattern)
Vol 4 Winter 2009: $15 Shipped Within US (with pattern) (SOLD)

Vol 1: i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/xMadRabbit/vol1damage.jpg 
Vol 2: i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/xMadRabbit/DSCN1392.jpg
Vol 3: i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/xMadRabbit/DSCN1393.jpg  <--a mark on the upper right on cover
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, black peace now, bodyline, fanplusfriend, offbrand, peace now, putumayo

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