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!WTB: IW Little Lady JSK/SK, black blouse || !DS Anna House blouse

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I pay/take payment by Paypal only


I might request that you keep the items for a couple of days before I finish moving to a new place
My measurements - Bust 34 - Waist 29.5 - Height 5'4"

Looking for Innocent World's Little Lady JSK, preferably the short version in beige/pink, and matching headband. Will also consider the skirt version and other colors.
Found the JSK, right now only looking for beige/pink headband.
(It's the one with the cats and butterfly wings)


Also looking for one black blouse with short or detachable sleeves only if you can ship it so that it arrives here before/on Friday.


For now I only feel confident enough to sell in the US ^^"
First to leave Paypal gets priority.

Anna House blouse in size S - bought used from another seller here. Overall garment is in good shape, but the lace is becoming fuzzy.
I just tried it on and it didn't fit, so I have to let it go.
Measurements given by original seller are max bust 34, waist 28. My measurements are bust 34, waist 29.5, and it fits me too tightly in the bust area.
I bought it for $20 shipped and am selling it for the same price.

[Link to original sales post]


Older sales - BL cutsew, some headbands
Older WTB - Putumayo music note skirt, Atelier Pierrot, etc(still interested in some of them, but lower priority)

Thanks for reading ^^
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