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20% reduction - DS/DT : BTSSB, Handmade, Demonia shoes


20% reduction - DS/DT : BTSSB, Handmade, Demonia shoes

Hello ^-^ :

~I ship from Laval, Quebec (Canada)

~TRADES: I am open to brands like BTSSB, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, Metamorphose, Alice And The Pirates and Moi-Meme-Moitie.

~ Items have to fit a 39 inch bust and 34 inch waist, shoes have to be size LL

~I am open to negociations as far as prices, since shipping isn't included in the price of the items.

~Here is my feedback link: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/826382.html

1) BABY The Stars Shine Bright "Pup In A Cup / Longest Name / My Favorite Things In The World" Jumperskirt:

Size: fully shirred (bust and straps), empire waist, so will fit a very wide range of sizes. I think up to 120 cm bust it should be fine :) . Lenght, with the straps unstretched, is about 84 cm.

Comments : I wore this jumperskirt twice, only for a few hours each time. It's in great condition, very comfortable to wear. It has waist-ties in the back, and it comes with an offbrand head-eating headbow that I bought to go with it (also worn twice). The jsk and headbow are relatively light, so shipping shouldn't be extremely costly.

Price:  used to be 235 CAD, now 188$ CAD


2) Handmade Candy Print Skirt, Tote And Elastics With Bows Set:

Size: I say from 120 cm waist to like... 150 cm. hnestly, this skirt is HUGE. I had a 40 inch waist when wearing this skirt, and it was big on me. It's also a little long for taller lolitas (for reference, I'm 5'3" and the skirt come down to the end of my knees).

Comments : I wore this skirt about 8 times. It's in great condition, very comfortable to wear also. It's light, perfect for summer or autumn . The tote and elastics have never been used. These items are light also.

Price: Used to be 45 CAD, now is 36 CAD


3) Demonia Shoes:

Size: They are offically a size 11 (in US women's sizing) but I'm a 10 and they also fit.

Comments : I have worn these shoes 4 times, but twice I wore them to work (in a bakery lolll) so the sole is dirty. I'll try my best to clean them before sending them out. Also, there are a few scuffs on the shoes from wear that are only visible when you're looking at them closely. There are kind of heavy.

Price :  Used to be 30 CAD, now is 24 CAD

Picture : (the white speck on the left in the picture is not on the shoes, it's from the camera)

Feel free to ask any questions!! ^-^ 
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