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DS and AFC! Phone Charms and Bunny Scarves

Payment: preferably Paypal. I could also take concealed cash [US only of course]
I'm also open to trades [i don't expect anything big, but other phone charms, jewelry, etc]
Shipping is 1.25$ in the US, and 2.25$ everywhere else for small charms, it is approximately 6.00$ for the scarf, and around 18$ everywhere else tracked. Also, shipping might go up depending on how much is purchased.

My feedback: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/687408.html
Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/ChasingTheFrill

All of my items have etsy listings so you can purchase here or there. All items can be altered or made in different colors, just message or comment. More pictures can be found on each item's individual listing on etsy.

These are what colors I currently have for charms. I only have enough black and brown for scarves though, the rest are not enough. I also have a bit of light blue, dark blue, green, shiny green/emerald, chunky purple, silver, and beige as left over yarn, which is only enough for charms.

Stuff for sale/commission!

Bunny Scarf  Full will take more commissions if you don't mind waiting

I know almost summer, but if you're going into your own winter or just want one. It takes approximately 2-3 weeks per scarf.
30$ is the base price, which includes a solid bunny and two simple accessories [bow/ribbon, flower, etc] either sewn on or detachable. If you'd like more or more complicated accessories for the bunny or would prefer a specific kind of yarn, the price will change. Shipping price is also subject to change depending on where you are and if you would prefer it shipped in a box or an envelope.
The yarn I use is 100% acrylic and super soft.

Phone Charms/Zipper Pulls/whatever you want them to be.

All large charms are on lobster clasps, so they can be removed from the straps and clipped to other things.

A- three bows - 4.00
B- mini amigurumi cherries - 2.75
C- cherries and bow - 5.00
D- X bunny - 3.75
E- passion cat - 4.25
F- dusty rose bunny - 4.25
G- candy w/ ribbon ties - 3.50
H- candy w/ yarn ties - 3.50

I&L- 3.25
J&K- 3.50
M thru T- 3.00

Large Bows

4.5 x 2.5in. These bows are stand alone, so you can slide them onto headbands or safety pin them to stuff. I can attach them to barrette clips for .25 if you'd prefer.

Dusty Pink - 6.00
Purple - 6.00
*small purple is free if you ask for it

Hair Pins

Chunky bow bobby pin set - 5.00
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