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DS: REDUCED PRICES, Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose, Bodyline

Terms of sale:
1. No holds and I'd prefer sales over trades at the moment, but feel free to offer brand items of similar value and I will consider them.
2. Payment accepted by Paypal, cc or not I do not charge fees. Not accepting e-cheques at the moment.
3. Shipping not included, inquire with your location. Unless the buyer requests and pays for insurance, I cannot do anything about anything that happens after the parcel leaves my hands.
4. If nobody is willing to pay the stated price then offers will be considered.
5. All items are in good condition unless otherwise stated.

I have 100% positive feedback.

Angelic Pretty Mermaid Symphony jumperskirt in black. SOLD

Proof/worn by me:

Length: 36" (adjustable according to how you tie the halterneck)
Waist: 23-32"
Bust: 24-36"

Metamorphose Blooming Garden jumperskirt. SOLD

Proof/worn by me:

Length: 38"
Waist: 23-30"
Bust: 24-34"

Angelic Pretty Twinkle Star jumperskirt. £175. £150

Proof/worn by me:

Length: 34"
Bust: 24-37"
Waist: free size

Angelic Pretty Tartan Twill Jacket. Bottom button is a little loose, but can easily be fastened a little tighter. Otherwise perfect condition. £75. £66.50


Length: 19"
Bust: 24-35"
Waist: 23-28"

Angelic Pretty Tartan Twill hairband, £25 £20.

Bodyline blouse, pink. Brand new without tags, I bought these then never wore them. £23. £19


Bust: 24-34"
Waist: 23-34"
Length: 21"

Bodyline blouse, blue. Same as above, brand new without tags. £23. £19

(see above listing for proof)
Bust: 24-34"
Waist: 23-34"
Length: 21"
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, bodyline, metamorphose

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