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DS: Brand & OffBrand, Angelic Pretty, Juliette et Justine, Kidsyoyo, Baby The Stars, Heart E,

 Please Read First

1. Please think carefully before u buy
2. Shipping Worldwide
3. No re-fund because of any mis-communication thought, please ask enquries for all info need 
4. Paypal payment & cc payment are welcome
5. Installments are acceptable 


Item1. Baby The Stars Bunny Pillow 

Size: N/A


Item 2: Kidsyoyo Strawberry Sunday OP With headdress 
Blouse : Bust: 95cm Waist:74 Long: 85

Price: USD 75 + shipping USD20 


Item 3: Shirley Temple Usagi JSK in blue 
Size: Bust 88  Waist: 70  Long: 95
Price: 200 + Shipping 20



Item 4: Juliette et Justine JSK 
Size: Size 2 Bust: 90 Waist: 74 Long 105 cm
Price: USD 375 + Shipping USD 20  


Item 5 Victorian Maiden Valet Replica OP (With Chocker)

Size: Bust: 90 cm Waist: 74 cm Long 115 cm 
Price: USD 65 + Shipping 20 


Item 6 Heart E Coat

Size: Bust: 90 cm  Sleeve Long: 61cm (attachable sleeves) Waist: 74 cm 

Price: USD 90 + shipping 15



Item 7 Baby the stars Busket bag 
Size: N/A 
Price: USD 70+ Shipping 15 

Item 8 Rococo Cage Strawberry JSK
Size: Bust: 88cm Waist:74cm Long:98 cm
Price: USD 65 + Shipping 15 

Item 9 Angelic Pretty Fruit Parlor OP 
Size: Bust 88cm Waist: 68 cm Long: 95cm  (back Wire, Max: Bust 95cm Waist: 75 )
Price: USD 300 + Shipping USD 20

 Item 10 HMHM Alice Skirt with headdress 
Size: Waist: 68 cm Long: 48cm 
Price: USD 45 + Shipping USD 20


Item 10 Metamorphase Swan Lake JSK
Size: Bust 90cm Waist: 74cm Long: 95cm
Price: USD 350 + Shipping USD 20


Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, hmhm, juliette et justine, shirley temple

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