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DS: Deco nail art sets~

Hello everyone~ ^^ Okay so A-kon is slowly getting very close and I really need some moolah~ X3 Its not to spend at the con because I almost never spend any money there unless its at artist alley and I can't live without it~ XD This money is going to pay for some taobao stuff and a wig for the con ^^ I have a few nail sets for sale and I really hope to find fast homes for all of them ^^

Everything is 100% handmade, painted and glued. Prices are listed by each set and I will get a shipping & tracking quote for you if you would like to buy any ^^

1 - $28 - black lace nails

2 - $20 - black dot nails

3 - $20 - black star nails

4 - $28 - red lace nails

5 - $28 - winter sweet blue nails

6 & 9 - $25 - card suit nails

7 - $28 - blue lace nails

8 - $28 - winter sweet pink nails

~feedback page~ you can find more pictures on my deviantart:
Tags: !ds, handmade

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