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DS,GO: merryberryjelly's sailor blouse GO! 5 colors,3 sizes!


Hello! Everyone!

Pre-orders for Merryberryjelly's summer sailor blouse are open!

Before you order, please read over my post :) Thank you!

Here is my feedback.



-I accept paypal and USD only.

-I have no pet and I don not smoke.

-I am not responsible for lost packages.

-Color can vary slightly from computer to computer.

for more pictures 1  2

The blouse comes in 3 sizes, 5 colors and 2 styles as follows.

~Three sizes for choice~

Bust 88cm   waist 70cm


Bust 94cm   waist 76cm


Bust 102cm  waist 84cm

~Five special colors for choice~

~two styles for choice~

Style A as following pictures (body and ribbon in special color, collar and cuff in white)


Style B as following pictures (only ribbon in special color; colloar, cuff, and body in white)


About Price and Shipping

-$48 per piece including shipping! (available for most of the Europe, North America, and Oceania countries. If you are living in other part of the world, please ask me to adjust the price :)

-ship by airmail, if you want to use other shipping method such as EMS, please tell me, and you should pay more for it.

-everyone can have a 10% off if the total orders exceed 5 pieces

About the orders

-The deadline of this group order is Wednesday May 25th Midnight GMT.

-I won't charge prepaid deposit. But once your item is completed, I will email you and PM you, you should pay the total within 3 days.

-You can modify or cancel your orders before the deadline.

-It is unacceptable to change your mind after the deadline. Otherwise you will receive a neutrual or negative feedback.

- To order please PM me the following form:

Name or LJ name:


Frequently used email:

PP Email:



Color and style: (for example, if you want to order this one  you should write ”Pink A” here, and for this one, write "Blue B" here. )

Last time I posted, many girls gave me so much suggestions and support :) I am grateful for all of you!
Welcome to order this time and feel free to ask questions!

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