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DS/DT: Offbrand Black Mary Janes (50% off sale price!): 4 week repost

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my page.

I REALLY want to get rid of these shoes. I need to make room for some new ones! :)

My information:

I'm currently selling:

Offbrand Black Mary Janes with Red Chinese Dragons.
Perfect shoe for a dark, gothic, or wa-lolita outfits.

Shoe information:

  • T.U.K. Brand

  • Size 10 in women's (US)

  • Measures 10 inches length wise from the front to the back inside of the shoe

  • Measures 2 & 1/2 inches in width, but can stretch out to 3 inches

  • Heel is 1 inch tall

  • I've owned them for at least 5 years

  • I've only worn them once or twice

  • Shoes are from a non-smoking home

  • I DO HAVE PETS. I have 2 cats.

  • Shoes were safely stored in my walk-in closet. The closet door is always shut.

  • Shoe material is soft and silky

  • There appears to be no physical damage. No noticeable scratches, scuffs, or marks.

  • Shoes do not have any tags

Price Information:

  • Selling the shoes for $25 $20 $10.

  • Shipping is $10.

  • I accept USD only, thanks.

  • I would prefer U.S. buyers please. I've never shipped anything overseas before.

  • I ONLY accept Paypal, thanks!

  • I am willing to trade the shoes. Not sure what I want, but make an offer!

Shipping Information:

  • No refunds or exchanges!

  • I ship within 1-3 days.!

Other information:

  • First person to post their paypal address gets the shoes.

  • These are not that expensive... so no payment plans please.

  • I am willing to hold the shoes for 24 hours, but no longer than that please..

Have any questions? Just let me know and I'll be happy to answer!
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