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DS/DT: Btssb sweet fruit a la mode print parfait skirt, 2 Btssb boleros

- I ship from Hungary, EU
- In this post I advertise the clothes of both of my friend and mine. All of them are with me, clean and ironed.
- My feedback page: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/969577.html
- I only accept paypal
- You can see the price of each item and what I trade them for after the pictures. If you have questions please feel free to ask them. 
- Payment must be within 2 days
- I don't have any pets nor do I smoke
- Used items have been cleaned and ironed
- Paypal fees are included!
- I make photo proof of shipping and tracking,  so if you do not choose the safer option wich is registered I'm not responsible if the package is lost
- Shipping in 2 working days at maximum after receiving payment
- The Kaloo bunny certifies the authenticity of the pictures

BTSSB Sweet fruit a la mode print parfait skirt

Bought as new, worn it only a few times, it is still in perfect condition, no flaws, no tears.
Lenght: 50cm,
Waist: 62-72cm
Price:  150 USD
+Shipping within EU: 18 USD
+Shipping anywhere else: 25 USD
OR it can be trade for the following skirts:
 Merry Sweet Castle (Black, 2009)
Angelic Pretty:
Jewelry Jelly Skirt (black, 2010)
Wonder Cookie Skirt (light blue or black, 2010)
Memorial Cake Skirt (light blue or black, 2009)
Milky-chan of the Fawn Skirt (black, 2009)

BTSSB Rose lace white bolero: SOLD Thank you!
Length : 44cm 
Bust: 84-88cm  
Length of sleeves: 57cm
This bolero was bought as new, it was worn only a couple of time, no flaws, no tears, it is in very good condition.
She would like to trade it for one of the following Angelic Pretty items:
-  white, pink, blue, mint or yellow cutsew or T-shirt (Berry berry T-shirt, Wrapping ribbon print T-shirt,  Polkadot  ribbon embroidery jabot cutsew, winter lucky-pack  bunny t-shirt, Märchen switching cutsew)
-  yellow  or blue cardigan
- Milky Planet headbow in pink
- cat ear hoodie
If nobody has these items for trade, then I'll sell it for:
Price:  40 USD
+Shipping within EU: 15 USD
+Shipping anywhere else: 23 USD

BTSSB red bolero SOLD Thank you! 
In very good condition, worn only  a couple of time, no flaws, no tears, professionally cleaned.
Length:46 cm
Bust: 86-92 cm 
Lenght of sleeves: 61 cm 
Price: 50 USD
+Shipping within EU: 15 USD
+Shipping anywhere else: 23 US
, or it can be trade for the following items:
- white or blue or lavender blouse with detachable sleeves or with short sleeves (Angelic Pretty, BTSSB, Metamorphose)
I happily pay a surcharge if your blouse is more valuable.
Btssb Alice's portrait, Headbow, Wig, BTSSB blouse, BL Pony JSK 2L is still up for sale/trade. If interested make an offer please: http://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/14907914.html 


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