La Lapine Noir (lapinenoir) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
La Lapine Noir

DS-DT: Holy Night Story set in pink, Magical Etoile JSK, Fancy Melody OP, etc.

Terms of Sale:
- I accept Paypal payment only.
- Priority goes to the first person to leave paypal.
- Please pay PROMPTLY. I expect your payment within 24 hours unless prior arrangements have been made.
- I do accept payment in installments. To do this, I will require a NON REFUNDABLE deposit by gift payment over Paypal. Please do not ask to do payment in installments unless you're willing to do this. I'd like full payment within the next four weeks.
- It is up to the buyer to pay their shipping. I will discuss shipment options with you when buying. I am a busy person, but I will ship within a week of payment. :)
- Please don't worry about paypal fees. I have already taken them into consideration.
- I do accept trades. My wishlist is here: For the most part, I will only trade for those items. I will also trade for combinations of smaller items. :D Please provide your feedback if you'd like to trade. I will only trade with reliable people.

I've included a Hello Lace link to the stock photos, measurements, and additional photos. Please check before asking a question. I can provide pictures of these worn upon request.

Holy Night Story JSK and head bow

The Military style version! It's got cute details on it and a glittery print. :D It's a little big on me, haha. It doesn't have any shirring on it, so the sizes are pretty much what Hello Lace describes. Note, my JSK does have a slight opening on the shoulder seam. It came to me new from AP this way. I can try to sew it shut, but I think it would be best if you had a seamstress shut it. It's still wearable, though, and doesn't seem to have opened any more since I got it. I might trade this for the same JSK in a different color or something from my wishlist.
SOLD, thank you!

Cosmetics Print JSK

Bought used off of Mbok. This JSK also doesn't have any kind of shirring or waist ties (it never had them as part of the design)... and is also a bit big on me, sadly. I couldn't find any stains on it, but the lace at the under arm is a little worn. It doesn't really show up on pictures, but it's not noticeable at all when worn.
SOLD, thank you!

Kurukuru Ribbon OP

OPs always fit me a little weird, so I'd prefer JSKs. I really would rather trade this, since I still love this dress and would be a little reluctant to sell. It's a gorgeous dress with pearls and jewels sewn onto the skirt. It's kind of princessy and magical~ :D:D Works very well with Hime Loli.
Asking $250, but I would prefer a trade.

Fancy Melody OP

Another dress that I'd rather trade, just coz JSKs always fit me a little nicer. I'd really like the same dress, but the JSK version: in black, red, or white. I know it's a bit of a long shot, but maybe you'd prefer the OP (the choker is so cute!)? xD; I'd trade for a few other things on my wish list, too.
Asking: $270, but I'd rather trade.

Trade ONLY!
Magical Etoile JSK

Eeee, I love this JSK. I would really rather have the same JSK in a different color. No preference as to the color. It will come with the matching headband (perfected by me) to help make up for the difference in value between the colors. I'd also trade this for other JSKs, like Wonder Party. *u*

Thanks for looking~! I'll probably be selling accessories and things later. Keep a look out!
Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty
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