Vulpes vulpes. (cheriecherie) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Vulpes vulpes.

DS: Emily Temple cute Usagi Ribbon Jsk

+ I N F O +

My egl feedback page is here.

I am shipping via USPS from Hawaii, USA. I'm not responsible for items once I mail them off. I save shipping receipts as proof of shipment. US buyers strongly preferred at this time.

No refunds or returns. At the moment, no trades, because I'm moving soon and that could be risky.

Please comment with your:

Immediate payment required please.


Received new without tags. The fabric is light and soft. Fully lined. Velvet bow pin on side side is detachable.

Non-shirred "sleeveless OP". 32" bust, 28" waist. No fading, damages, wear or tear.

Any more questions, feel free to ask! I have limited net access now since we're moving, but I'll do my best to answer asap.
Tags: !ds, emily temple cute
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