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DS: BTSSB JSK & DS: Dear Celine High Waisted Skirt + AP Black and White JSK + WTB

To avoid miscalculations when shipping I only ship with priority flat rate boxes.
Leaving paypal to ask questions does not "guarantee a place in line"
US Buyers have priority
International Traders welcome
Please note that I do not trade with anyone who has negative feedback for any reason. Neutral feedback is "OK" depending on the situation, though will be denied if you are slow to ship. (This counts in positive feedbacks as well. If you are consistently slow on shipping, I will not trade with you).


93cm length, 84cm bust, 74cm waist

Condition: ****
I just recently washed this JSK so it's fresh and clean!

DS price: $160 OBO + Shipping $130 $100+ shipping OBO


I bought this and only wore it once VERY briefly. I accidently got the wrong size and the waist is WAAAAYYYYY too big for me.
Waist: 32"-36"
Length: 28" from top to bottom
Condition: *****
$40 + shipping

Angelic Pretty Black and White JSK
$75 + shipping $60 +shipping

Great condition, recently washed. There are some very light stains on the white part. I received it like this and it was a while before I even noticed them. They are very hard to see.
There is a bit of shirring in the back, but I recommend this for someone with a 27" waist, 34" bust. The shirring will add about 2". There are also back ties to make it tighter. Front bow is detachable.

I am hoping to possibly buy one item off my wishlist
Here are a few I am really looking to get right now (in this order)

I am also looking for some blouses, brand only, preferably sheer. Black, white, burgundy or brown!
Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, dear celine, innocent world
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