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!WTB: Specific Atelier Pierrot / Putumayo / Taobao items, also gothic/classic items

[My EGL feedback is here]
[More feedback in my own LJ]

I pay by Paypal only : )
I can pay as soon as I decide for everything except Atelier Pierrot (since this is a birthday gift from my parents : D)
I talked to them again and I can now pay for everything this weekend!
 But I do have a total price cap
[For Atelier Pierrot I would like to do a payment plan, feel free to PM]
However, I might request that you keep the item for a while (3-4 days) because I'm moving pretty soon
Items are listed in order of priority because I can't buy them all right now
I'll get back to you with my final decision in a couple of days (definitely by the weekend)

General color preferences: white/offwhite/pink/black/brown 
General style preferences: classic/gothic, dislike full shirring

Measurements: Bust 34", Waist 29.5", Height 5'4"


Wanted Item #1: Atelier Pierrot specific items
- Atelier Pierrot x Kalafina Postcards
- These items in order of priority

(^I don't really expect to find this, but I'm really really interested.)

(the pink dress on the right)

(the blue dress, not sure if they're the same as the pink above)

(in blackxgold - I prefer this version but may consider the tiered version)

(skirt/jsk/op? not sure)

Note: Will also consider similar dresses


Putumayo Music Note Cat Skirt in BlackxSilver (photo by takoyaki_co, used with permission)


Wanted Item #2: Rose Melody Merry-Go-Round JSK in BlackxSilver


Wanted Item #3: R-series Autumn Skirt (don't know it's proper name)
In either black or brown


Wanted Item #4:
I'm looking for one white/offwhite blouse with detachable sleeves.
I prefer less OTT styles
Brand preferred, but would consider off brand
Would like to pay ~40-50USD for brand, ~30-40 USD for offbrand, but feel free to offer anyway if your prices are higher  


Wanted Item #5: Any other gothic/classic JSK/skirts
Would like to pay a max of 70USD for any one skirt or 120USD for any one JSK, but feel free to offer if prices are higher  
Specific items I like and are looking for:

HMHM Chandelier JSK/Skirt in BlackxGold


  Items from Infanta's Emperor & Nightingale series (not pictured)


Thank you for reading!
Tags: !wtb, any brand, atelier pierrot, handmade, hmhm, offbrand, putumayo, r-series, rose melody

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