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DS: Real vivienne westwood vintage nana heart jacket, MMM blouse, sweet jewellery


Proof of ownership:

I ship from the UK, Leeds
I can post at the earliest on Saturday 21st.
All prices are obo unless otherwise stated.
Prices do not include shipping.
payment plans and holds might be accepted depending on the deposit amount and length of plan.
First person who leaves pp address gets first refusal.

1. Real Vivienne Westwod vintage heart jacket as seen on Nana. This version is the jersey version and is in very good condition. It has two small small marks on the collar that the camera wouldn't pick up but you really can't notice them and the collar also smells very very feintly of smoke which was the condition I got it in however you wouldn't notice it unless told. UK size 10. £414 obo.

2. Moi-meme-moite blouse in black. This is faded and has never been worn by me, only tried on however the previous owner must have washed it quite a few times. In good condition other than the fading. UK size 8 MAX £49.95 obo.SOLD

3. Jewellery set, this includes 2 star bracelets, 1 star necklace, 2 chocomint hair pins, 1 Qpot icecream necklace, 1 mini slide and 1 SYB happy room bag charm and a chocomint bracelet. £19 oboSOLD

Tags: moi-meme-moitie, vivienne westwood

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