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Attention customers


My computer recently got a virus and I lost two week's worth of data.

It also put my wrist cuff order sheet that I keep on my computer a week behind :(

I think I have everyone written down except one and I cannot figure out who it is!
On my progress table I have an extra set of lavender lace and no one to match it up to.
I get emails, PMs, answer WTB posts and I just cannot seem to track this one down.

So PLEASE if you have a wrist cuff order with me and you do not see your name below or your order is incorrect, contact me immediately

ei666shii  - Shipped
lulysugar  - Shipped
creambiscuit  - In Progress - Pink x Pink
psykogirl_65  - In Progress - White x Mint x Black
totchiai  - In Progress - Pink x Pink
mujitsukyo  - In Progress - Lav x Pink, White x Pink<

Thank you for your patience
Tags: !attention buyer/seller, handmade, offbrand

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