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List of alternate communities

This is a list of alternate communities to buy and sell items on. Please remember that although your items may be 'loliable' that does not necessarily make them 'lolita' and therefore, you may be better looking for a community that caters to the specific style or items you are trying to sell. For example, when selling deco items, perhaps consider finding an appropriate deco community to sell them on. ECS is not the be all and end all of sales communities, and we encourage users to make use of these other communities. If you have any you wish too add, please let us know!
Style specific:

batgearbeyond Techno clubwear, alt gothic fashion, , fetish, punk, etc

eg_aristocrat EGA fashion

erololi e.g. short skirts, skirts, vinyl, wrist corset, etc.

gothfash Gothic Fashion

gyaru_com_sales e.g. Jesus Diamante, BananaFish, LizLisa, Tralala, Roconails etc

lolita_indies lolita, natural-kei/Pink House styles

mori_girl_sales  Mori and  Natural Kei , Dolly Kei related

steamfashion   Steampunk.

teddyboys  oujisama, dandies, kodona and teddy boy style

vk_sales e.g. Algonquins, Peace Now, SexPot Revenge , Hell Cat Punks, etc

80s_cuties   e.g.  SPANK!, Nile Perch, Monascas Banana, 80's style, etc

Brand specific:

angelicpoodle   Angelic Pretty

bodyline_love   Bodyline

btssb  Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

hnaoto H.naoto

innocent_w   Innocent World

moimememoitie Moi-même-Moitié

metamor_way   Metamorphose temps de fille

takuya_angel Takuya Angel and Wa-mono style

vwestwood Vivienne Westwood

Item specific:

annasuilove  Anna Sui related

corset_shoppe Corsets

corsetry Corsets

le_grotesque   e.g. eyepatches, "blood-stained" blouses, bandages, etc

lovekimono Kimonos, Kimono-hime, Wa-Lolita, etc

mad_hattery Hats and headpieces

sinssales e.g. creative handmade crafts, cyberpunk, rockabilly, etc


cellphonelove Deco related

deco_den  Deco related

nail_art Deco, Nail related

General cute/misc Japanese:

cute_stationery Cute stationery, stickers, etc

diy_for_sale DIY goodies like jewelry, accessories, clothes, etc

fruitsy_shop    e.g. fruitsy stuff, hello kitty,  fruits style, etc.

fruitsyauctions    e.g. fruitsy stuff, hello kitty,  fruits style, etc.

garagesalejapan e.g. J-rock, J-pop, Manga, Anime, Clothing, Novelty Items, Anything japanese

girlysales e.g. girly, juicy, make-up, hairaccessories , vera wang, AnnaSui


blythedoll e.g. Blythe dolls, clothes, furniture, books etc Pullip dolls Ball-jointed dolls
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