ladygigis (ladygigis) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Plus Size items

I want to buy some plus size items, I need an a-line petticoat, blouses and shoes. I don't mind items that need a bit of repair or some stain removal as I can mend most rips and tears myself. I would possibly consider commissioning some of these items but I do need them by the end of next month for some meet ups and such.

Underbust: 116 cm/45.5"
Bust: 128 cm/50"
Waist: 125 cm/49"
Shoes: 25cm


I would like an a-line petticoat such as this one:

Petticoat budget: $45
I have found one thanks!

I would like a blouse similar to this one:

Blouse Budget: $25-35

I need white shoes mostly, but will consider light blue and black. I would like ones similar to these.>
Shoes: $35

Obviously I don't care if it is a brand or off brand, handmade or whatever. :) I just need some items.

Tags: !wtb, !wtc, *plus size
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