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DS: Angelic Pretty pink x white socks

Shopping Policies
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Shipping: All items are shipped from North Carolina.

- I have 3 pets that I keep away from my closet, but just to be safe all items will be lint rolled before shipping out.

-Prices are in US Dollars

-I accept Pay pal

-To claim an item please leave Pay pal address. Please pay the invoice in a timely manner unless you have asked me for more time for whatever reason. The buyer is responsible for PP fees unless you choose to send the money as a gift to me to avoid being charged fees.

Now that that's over time for the good stuff!

Angelic Pretty pink x white heart socks

I am the second owner of these socks. When I bought them they were slightly used, very light wear at the bottom of the socks. Since then I've only worn them one day while in Lolita. They have been washed and hung to dry after that and not worn since. My reason for selling them is because my calves are just too big and don't do these adorable socks justice.

Price: $20 Shipped in the U.S. (International $22 shipped, they are small, they can't cost too much, but if it's more than this I will gladly pay the difference)

Thanks for Reading!!
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