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DS: Shoes, Blouse, Underskirt, socks

 Terms of Sale:

-I ship from NY, in the US. The post office is only open 3 days per week, and I am a student. If you need something by a certain date, please let me know up front. Other wise, shipping is at my convenience. (I aim for within the week.)

-Please pay within 5 days, unless you communicate with me first.

-Shipping is not included, unless otherwise stated.

-Trade offers will be considered, but keep in mind that I am plus-sized, and tall.

-Some negotiation is possible, but I do try to price things as reasonably as I can.

-I have 5 cats, however they are not at school with me. I look over my items, but a stray hair is possible.

-Please feel free to inquire about holds.

-All measurements are in inches, unless otherwise noted, and are measured to the best of my ability.

-Feedback page:

Item 1: Aristocrat Blouse- $22 plus shipping.

Made by Fan Plus Friend.
I got this from a friend, I have never worn it.
Min bust- 39 (will fit smaller, but would look baggy.)
Max bust- 44.5, very snug, some gaping.
Min waist- none, there are lacing loops in the back.
Max waist- 37

It features an elastic high neck, sheer handkerchief cuffed sleeves. There are loops for lacing, though I got it without a tie for the lacing. I can include a grosgrain ribbon, if requested. There is a small spot on the right chest, pictured below. There is some discoloration inside the collar, but I haven't tried to get rid of it.

Additional photos:


(If requested, I will include a white ribbon, but this is what I had handy for photos.)


Spot on chest:

Sleeve Detail:

Collar Detail

Item 2: White Ruffled Underskirt- $20 plus shipping. PAYMENT PENDING.

Purchased from another user years ago, before I knew what skirt length I needed. This one is 19'' from the top of the waistband. I've only worn it twice, as a petti. It is very ruffly. It also needs an iron.

Waist- 34-42in.

Additional pics:

With petti, front.

With petti, back

Item 3: Black Montreal shoes, Size 9. $25 plus shipping. I would prefer trades before purchases on this item.

These are fairly well worn, but still have a lot of life. The most major flaw on them is the the right shoe is missing the "tongue" of the buckle. I don't know where it is. I'm sure there's a way to fix it, but as these shoes are a tad too small for me, I haven't looked into it. I'd love to trade these for a black pair of shoes, in a size 10, with a smaller heel.

These are good for those with wider feet, due to the large toebox.

Damaged Buckle:

Size: 9, heel height 3in.

Item 4: White Montreal Shoes, Size 10 $40 plus shipping. I would prefer trades rather than a sale on this item.

I am the first owner, but my ankles can't stand the height of these. They fit me well at a 10 wide. They might fit a narrow 11. There are a few scuffs, but there is nothing that a little white polish couldn't clean up. I would be interested to trade these for a pair with a smaller heel, I'm not too picky about color.

Size 10, heel height- 3 in.

Item 5: Secret shop Tea parties in white. Size LL. $10 plus shipping.

These are well worn, and need some TLC, but are structurally sound. I bought them hoping they might fit, but they don't. The previous owner did stretch them a bit width wise. There are creases from wear, and some scuffs. These do not come with the bows. I didn't get them with the bows.

Please ask if you would like more photos.

Item 6: Secret Shop Tea Parties, Light Pink, $11 plus shipping.  SOLD AND SHIPPED!

These are in the same condition as the ones above. These have the bows, but a rhinestone is missing on one of them.

Item 7: Sheer Bow Thigh-highs $2.50 plus shipping.
I bought these at Hot Topic. I didn't realize that they were as sheer as they are, and they aren't what I was looking for. Please make sure you note that these are thigh highs. They were only tried on once. 

Item 8: Cuts Wool Knee Highs $5 plus shipping.
I got these from Ling Lam when I ordered the White shoes above. I wanted the lace topped ones, not these. They have never been opened.  I have no idea how they fit. 

Thank you for looking. I have additional photos, but LiveJournal wasn't letting me upload. Please comment if you'd like more information on anything.
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