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DS: Novala Takemoto Kamikaze Girls Manga + Novel, lolita fabrics, accessories



*Located in USA

* Paypal only

*Prices include shipping!
*US ONLY (I prefer to only ship within the US but if you are international and really want something I will try to work it out with you)

*Payment must be received within 24 hours

*Priority to whoever can pay quickest

Feedback can be found here:


If you want both I'd sell it as a set for: SOLD

Floral print fabric 2 and 1/2 yards: $15

Valentine print fabric 3 and 1/3 yards: $20

Socks: $6 each pair!

Gothic lolita crown: $15




Black plush dog purse with handles and strap

Measures approx 15" from side to side and 10" from top to bottom. Measure 5" from top to belly

Asking price: $20



Autographed Mana picture, signed by Mana at Anime Expo 2004. The signature reads "Moi Dix Moins" the name of his band, featuring a large M underneath.

Asking price: SOLD

If you're interested please comment! Thanks for looking!!




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