wingofwonder (wingofwonder) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!AC: Art commission giveaway // !EA reminder - BL cutsew

First of all, my feedback is here:


I'm going to draw and color one free request in anime/manga style : ) 
(One character only please)
You could give me an original character, you could tell me to draw from a photo, or you could even tell me to draw from stock photos xD
See works of my coloring --not drawing-- here

Conditions - must be lolita related, no explicit material, etc.
If it's not okay I'll tell you
Note - this is separate from my giveaways at other places if you happen to see them.
I can't tell you anything about how long it will take - totally depends on my mood ^^"
The slot goes to first person who comments with a request : )


!EA reminder - I have one BL cutsew up at Ebay right now
[Click to see]
Starting bid is only $9.99, and buy it now is only $11.99! Shipping included ^^
[Also old sales here - some headbands left]
Tags: !ac, !ea, bodyline
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