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Leaving Lolita sale pt.2: Brand jumperskirts

Prices include paypal fees, but not shipping. Shipping varies depending on where you live, I ship from Sweden.

Payment needs to be made through paypal (or bank transfer if you live in Sweden) within 24 hours, no e-checks.

First person to comment with their paypal adress and feedback and is able to pay full price gets the item, no backing out.

Please only comment if you´re interested in buying.

If you don´t like my prices, please feel free to make a reasonable offer.

I will not take responsibility for things lost or damaged in the mail. If you´re insecure, please purchase insured and tracked shipping.

No trades

My feedback:  Here

Innocent World emblem scallop jsk, brown $250

Worn, but in excellent condition.

My picture:

Innocent World Chandelier jsk, brown $250

 Worn twice, flawless condition.

My picture:

Mary Magdalene Rose Basket jsk, lavender $300

New with tags.
Bust~88 cm
Waist~66 cm
Length~98 cm

My picture:

Emily Temple Cute Decoration Cake jsk, brown $230

Worn twice, flawless condition.

 Innocent World Angel Rose jsk, brown $200

Worn a couple of times, excellent condition.

Innocent World simple black empire waist jsk $100

New without tags.  

 Thanks for looking, any questions please ask :)
Tags: !ds, emily temple cute, innocent world, mary magdalene
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