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DS: White Shoes, GLBs and Lots of Accessories

 Prices do not include shipping, unless otherwise noted.
 Paypal only.
No pet, non-smoker.
 Please no trades or holds.
Priority goes to the buyer who leaves their Paypal address first.
 I will get proof of shipment but am not responsible for any damages or losses.
If you want to pay for additional insurance/tracking, please ask for the price.
As for feedback, this is my second LJ sale but I have 100% positive feedback on eBay if it helps:

IW White Heart Cross Strap Sandals [SOLD - Thank you!]

$65. Brand new. Size LL, 25.5cm.
Official Innocent World page

Gothic & Lolita Bibles (Japanese) [SOLD - Thank you!]

Clockwise from top left:
Vol. 1: Excellent condition but patterns lost.
Vol. 4: Excellent condition, stickers intact, but patterns lost.
Vol. 5: Excellent condition, stickers intact, but patterns lost.
Vol. 7: Excellent condition, stickers intact, patterns removed but included.
Vol. 12: Excellent condition, two thick sheets of playing/poker cards intact (heart suit), patterns removed but inc

Hair Accessories

I put a penny in the pictures so you can tell the size of the items.
Note: Item #3G is a ring, not a hair piece.

US $1.00 each, if you buy 1-5 items.
US $0.90 each, if you buy 6-10 items.
US $0.75 each, if you buy 11 or more items.

Offwhite Gloves [SOLD - Thank you!]
Brand new. I took one out only to take this picture.

Thank you for looking! Please comment with any questions!
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