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Please note that I do have a cat but will try to remove every hair.
Buyer covers shipping.
I cover paypal fees, my prices already reflect that so no surprise fee adding!
All prices excluding shipping.
I will ship within 14 weekdays days after payment, please make sure you're okay with that.
I have +72 feedback on eglfeedback and 166 on ebay.
I will consider offers and trades, just ask.
No refunds or returns, this is a private sale (please pay for insurance if you want to be safe).
I will consider holds in case you pay a deposit or if I know you and we've had business before.
Item goes to the person who leaves their paypal first.
Payment only via paypal except you're from Germany.
I reserve the right to refuse to sell to people I had issues with before.

1. Alice and the Pirates Masquerade Theater OP navy - 220€

I love this print dearly and the dress design is so delicate. Sadly, I have to admit that this dress is way too fancy for me as I prefer to wear my lolita stuff daily and I wouldn't dare to wear this to work.
I have altered the sleeves to fit a biceps of 27 cm circumference since the sleeves have been too tight for me upon arrival.

These are pictures of the alteration. I just let out some fabric from the inner seams and resewed it. It's under the armpits and not visible when worn.

I am very reluctant to let this go but the sleeves are still a tad to tight for me (and I don't even have huge arms T__T) but there is no more fabric to be let out. So I advise you to measure your biceps before purchasing, you should have 27 cm or lower. Otherwise, the dress is in perfect condition and has only been worn once for a photoshoot (a mere three hours). It fits me very well with my bst being 88 cm and my waist being 72 cm with a bit of room for more. I would say bust 82-90 cm, waist 65-75 cm. It also comes with waistties to tie it smaller.

I am interested in partial trading for the skirt in blue or black.

2. Innocent World Piano Pants - 50€

I have just received those and as I had already suspected, they don't fit me.
The waist has an absolute maximum of 84 cm and it sits more on your upper hip around your hip bones.
They are knee length and flawless upon my inspection, except for one button that's coming loose but can be reattached.
(I also have the matching piano collar blouse that I MIGHT sell if someone is willing to purchase this as a set. It is a IW size L and fits me perfectly with my measurements mentioned above. Please leave me a comment and inquire if you are interested.)

3. Marble Tiered Skirt - 25€

I have this skirt for quite a while but since it is too short on me I only wear it as a petticoat and have no real use for it. It is fully shirred and in perfect condition though it has raschel lace. Length is ~42 cm, it has an inbuild petticoat and is quite poofy itself.

4. Surface Spell Flower Corsages purple - 6€ each

I had to take this picture on another surface because they always turned out to be blue on the pic when not in direct daylight. The are even a tad more reddish purple than on this picture. I've bought them to match my black Vampire Requiem but the colour is a bit too dark, so Im selling them again. Used once.

5. Random TaoBao Shop Headdress - 10€

Bought in the hope to find something oldschool to match my gothic coords, but since I wear my hair flat this is too huge on my head. Only tried on. It is a plastic headband with bows on the side.

Old sales:
Selling an Atelier Pierrot Coat and trying to find a trade for my Midsummer Night's Dream JSK.

Thanks for looking and please ask any questins below.
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