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DT/DS: Metamorphose Velveteen Dress

My feedback: Here
I ship from Southern California, orange county.

I bought this awhile ago and as much as I love it.. its almost summer here in So. Cal and its really just not practical. Plus I already have a velveteen black x white op so really I think I just bought this because I thought it was so beautiful XD

I would really like to trade for another dress, but if I do not get any offers on trades after a few days I am willing to sell it for what I paid - $125, includes US shipping.

I rather not ship international since its so heavy, so US buyers have priority.. please no international trades..

For trade I am into darker colors, and darker prints. Brand only please.

Dress has generous shirring in the back. I would say absolute bust 38 or 39", waist no more than 36", possibly 37" because the buttons will start to gap past that point since the button holes are every two buttons.

Has waist ties to pull tighter. So can fit a wide range of sizes! I almost think you could even wear it as a coat if you wanted to. Its been drycleaned as well.

Pic is by nominwoo, please let me know if you want me to take it off it is just a very good picture that shows what the dress looks like. I also included my own for proof.

There is lacing on the sleeves and it is a button down. It does not come with the pin bows. Seller said it had a small stain on the collar but I could not find it, I think when I got it dry cleaned it was gone.

My proof -

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