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!DS, Angelic Pretty, Putumayo, 6%dokidoki, Innocent World

*I accept PayPal only
*Prices are in USD
*Insurance & tracking are extra. Please request them if you are interested as I cannot be held responsible for a lost package.
*Prices may be negotiable for a reasonable offer
*Please no trades


Pink Miracle Candy Necklace
30$ shipped

This necklace hasn't been worn that many times but because of the very light pink ribbon you can see the wear a little bit.

BlackxPink Miracle Candy Headband Sold
30$ shipped in the united states (sending a headband in a box to the UK cost me 20$ last time so I'm not sure if it's really worth it for the buyer to pay that amount unless you trust sendig it in a bubble mailer :[)

Innocent World white AIW socks
25$ shipped

Putumayo skirt
45$ shipped OBO

I don't have a measuring tape right now to take measurements, if you'd like to know please ask, but if you are a bigger person I would not suggest this skirt. The waist is elastic and does stretch but I wouldn't say anymore than than a comfortable 4-5"

PendingAngelic Pretty Pink colorway Wondercup Bag
90$ shipped

Used only a couple of times, there's not any imperfections that I can find.

6%DokiDoki crown necklace
20$ shipped OBO

Putumayo earrings
15$ shipped

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, innocent world, putumayo
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