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DS: DoL Wonder Cookie Replica, Bodyline White OP, and reposted An-Ten-Na Black Platforms

Welcome to my Sales Post!
Click for my EGL feedback page!

How Shipping Works:

I use the US Postal Service,
so please leave your zip code &/or country  so I can calculate your shipping!

I may have to charge about $2-4 more for shipping,
since I might need to buy a new box to ship your item in!

Please request insured or tracking shipping.
If you don't request it and pay for it, I will ship it with out those additions.

Don't be afraid to haggle! I'm willing to other offers.

DoL Wonder Cookie Replica: $65 + shipping

(comes with apron and pin on bow, just not in proof photo)
Only worn two times, and no flaws!
Size: Small
Measurements on QutieLand:
Bust: 88cm  Waist: 71cm Length: 85cm
The only difference from the stock photo is that my OP was made with bigger buttons.

BodyLine White OnePiece: $45 + shipping

(will come with waist pin on bow and small hat!)
Worn a couple times, but no flaws, tears.
Size: M

★An-Ten-Na Black MaryJane Platforms★
$50 now $40 + Shipping

Platform height: 3.5 inches
Shoe size: 7.5~8.5 US
I hardly worn them(about 2 times and 2 times by a friend for a photoshoot!)

When I first bought them(about 2.5 years ago)
, I also noticed the two indents made in front of both shoes? 
I'm not sure if they were made like that. (In the image below they are circled in red!)

- but somehow recently I noticed someone in my household I think scuffed the shoe? OTL||

The scuff is HARDLY notice able- I even fixed it just a bit- Here is a before and after!

Thank you!
Shipping Status!

DoL Replica: Shipped on:
(May 20th, 2011)

Bodyline White OP: Shipped on:
(May 20th, 2011)

Tags: !ds, an-ten-na, bodyline

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