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DS: BtSSB A&tP Treasure Chest purse, Red Wood Platform shoes LL, Infanta Alice Black Skirt


 . . . ~* Hello & Welcome to my Sale of Loli Goodies! *~ . . .

. __ GENERAL INFO ______________________ .

Location - Los Angeles, California, USA.

My Feedback -

Other Info
 - All of my EGL items are stored inside of clean garment bags and away from light. I have a smoke-free home and two flea-less cats that are not allowed near my Loli stuff..
 - Each item has been washed or dry cleaned depending on the fabrics & lace.
 - I will try to respond to PMs & posts within 24 hours.
 - For size reference, I am 5'5" tall, 34" bust, 30" true waist, 34" natural waist, 36" hips.... please keep in mind that I am very squishy and willing to suffer the pain of squeezing into tiny Japanese sizes. I wear US size 8-9 shoes and the "LL" BtSSB shoes fit me well. If you have ANY questions about sizes please PM me and I will do my best to answer. ^_^

 - If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, please PM me or post to this thread with the following information:
1. Your LJ Name -
2. Item or items you want to buy -
3. Your Shipping Zip Code (buyers within the USA) or country (outside the USA) -
 - I will not hold items. (Items marked "*HOLD*" are awaiting responses from buyers.)
 - Priority goes to the buyer who requests an invoice first, or provides the best offer.
 - I reserve the right to chose who the item is sold to as well as refuse sales to anyone.
 - I am not accepting trades.
Accepted Payment Methods
 - Paypal (I do not charge the buyer for Paypal fees, however all payments must be sent in US Dollars).
 - Money Order (for buyers within the USA & only USPS money orders).

Returns, etc. - No returns, exchanges or refunds. Please buy with care.

 - All items DO NOT include shipping fees. If you would like a shipping quote, please PM or leave a comment with the items you are interested in and your ZIp Code (for USA buyers) or country (international buyers).
 - I can combine shipping if you are purchasing multiple items.
 - Items will be shipped within 2-3 business days of receiving payment.
 - I ship within the USA as well as internationally via USPS Priority Mail. Express Mail (EMS) is available upon request. All packages are shipped with Delivery Confirmation (tracking).
 - Shipping prices cover the cost of shipping as well as any packing supplies that are required.
 - All Items will be packed carefully and to the best of my ability.  I will not be held responsible for items that are lost or damaged in the shipping process. Insurance is recommended and is an additional fee.
 - International buyers (outside the USA) are responsible for any customs fees. I have experience shipping to many international countries, however, is the buyer's responsibility to know her/his country's customs policies. I can mark down the value of packages if needed. Please note that packages that are insured can only be marked with a value equal to the insured amount.

Thanks for looking, and if you have any questions please ask! ^_^

 . . ~ * . _____ . _______________________________ . . . ~ . . 


BtSSB Alice & the Pirates Black "Treasure Box Bag II" trunk purse

Price -  $145 *SOLD*

Brand - Alice & the Pirates (Baby, the Stars Shine Bright)

Description -
This black synthetic leather A&tP treasure box is in like new condition. I used the chest for a couple indoor meetups where it pretty much sat on a table most of the time. The chest came with a tiny 1mm indented dot on the back lid from where the hanging jewelry pressed against the leather. There is also a tiny white "thing" on the front side seem (its not a mark/scratch/indent so I'm not sure what to call it... I think it is actually a bit of glue left over from the manufacturing process since this was there when I bought the chest). The bottom has a small "matte" part in the front where the leather rubbed against a table but there are no scratches or noticeable marring. Please see the photo links below for more info. I purchased the chest new in 2009 at the Kobe BtSSB store in Japan. The jewelry part of the purse is tied on with the striped ribbon and can be removed since the ribbons are not glued/sewn. The ribbons can be easily switched out to better match an outfit. Some of the photos below are shown without the ribbons & jewelry tied on. BtSSB item# 107P936. It measures about 8x8x5 inches in size and will fit a decent camera inside.

Additional Photos
 - Photo of the front, back and sides
 - Close up of the front closure flap and the inside A&tP tag
 - Photos of the inside
 - Photo of the top & bottom
 - Detail of the white glue thing on the front and the indent on the back of the lid

BtSSB Red Rose Wood Platform Mary Jane shoes

Price - $175, OBO

Brand - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Description -
I mail-ordered these red leather & wood sole shoes from BtSSB in 2006. The shoes are size "LL" and fit my friend and I nicely. In US women's size, I wear 8-9 (mainly 8.5) and my friend is size 9-9.5. Despite having a wood sole, these shoes are surprisingly comfortable and great for conventions. The rose shoe clips are removable and I only used them once as a hair decoration. The straps are all adjustable and have hidden snaps for easy on&off wear. The ankle strap is removable. The shoes have been worn about 4 or 5 times and are in pretty good condition. There are some indents on the wood and scuff marks on the leather (see photo links below). The shoes have been stored away from light their original box (& the inner shoe stuffing tissue/cardboard) with cedar blocks and anti-moisture packets. I took very good care and made sure to wipe them down after each use and also made sure they aired out for a few days. My friend and I always wore socks with the shoes to prevent smells and other things from transferring to the shoes. The shoes will come with the original box & tissue stuffing. 


Infanta Black & Pink Alice Checkered Skirt

Price - $45, OBO

Brand - Infanta

Description -
The skirt has been worn for one indoor meetup. It is in very great condition and looks the same as when I first bought it. I purchased the skirt at PMX 2009. The adorable Alice checkered is black with light pink print, frills & trim. The skirt has a zipper closure at the side.
Approximate measurements
 - Waist: 30 in
 - Skirt length: 17 in


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