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DS: Fuzzy Star & mask clips, Btssb heart bag, Aatp shoes, Cosplay USA wig

Sales Info -
My feedback can be found here on eglfeedback
I ship from Australia by airmail. Insurance will cost extra so please specify if you want it, the cost is fairly steep here.
Pickup can be arranged in Brisbane.  
I accept paypal or bank transfer
Not interesting in trades at this time

Handmade fuzzy Masks and Stars
$9 shipped worldwide
$8 shipped in Australia
The have brooche backings
Please note that I handmake these myself and that the backings are not sewn on, just glued.

Today I am selling some I prepared earlier. I can also take on commissions, however colours are limited to the ones shown.


-Purple mask
-Black mask (silver and white pearls)

Purple stars

Purple/pink - 1 , 2 , 3
Purple/purple - 4 , 5, 6

Multi colour stars

1 , 2, 3
4 , 5


Pink - 1 , 2

Black sparkle stars

Black stars- 1 , 2, 3
4 , 5 , 6 (extra Large one) 

Pink sparkle stars

Pink sparkle star 1, 2, 3
Heart 1, 2 , 3   (Hearts Only $5 Shipped worldwide)

Black sparkle Hearts and Bunnies
$5 shipped worldwide
$4 in Australia 

Black heart  1, 2, 3
Black bunny  1, 2, 3

Btssb brown Heart Bag - SOLD
$105 shipped worldwide
$95 shipped in Australia
Condition: Excellant, used a few times, no signs of wear.
Detachable strap
(NOT a replica)

Inside of bag

Cosplay USA Chocolate classic wig
$45 shipped worldwide (sorry about the price, pretty much $30-$35 + shipping) or best offer
$40 Shipped in Australia
Condition: Worn over a wigcap, good condition.
Sold out on website.


Alice and the Pirates Millefuelle shoes 
$120 shipped worldwide (heavy) 
$95 shipped in Australia
Stone colour with star embroidery.
Condition: Worn once, no signs of wear.
Size L. Comfortable for a 38, 7-7.5, 24.5cm foot.

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, handmade
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