Black, Chérie? (blackcherie) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Black, Chérie?

!ds They need to go!

I'm moving and I really need these gone! And my previous sales too!

The shipping is not included
I recommend registered shipping

If you dont like the prices please MAKE AN OFFER

(Angelic Pretty OP. BTSSB Jsk and some brand socks)

Metamorphose LP blouse

This is a tall size, do to the shirring on the back it will fit waists up to 85cm and busts up to 96cm
It will also fit small sizes since it has ties.
Bows and waist ties are removable ^-^

35€ / 48usd

Pink shoes from montreal

They have a small stain in one of the shoes but other then that they look pretty good!
size: 38
28€ / 40usd

Montreal RHS black

They have this stain on the side that I believe to be glue, they came with it already
size : 38
28€ / 40usd

(Angelic Pretty OP. BTSSB Jsk and some brand socks)
Tags: !ds, metamorphose, offbrand

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