kitsunedolly (kitsunedolly) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB!: Pink Tea Party shoes, SS, Milky-chan items, AP headbows, others


Hello everyone! I'm looking for some sweet lolita items~

*I'm mainly looking for pink or dark pink Secret Shop Tea Party shoes in size 23 - 23.5 (24 is okay as well) I might consider sax and white as well.

*I'm generally looking for any low-heeled shoes in pink, size 23 - 23.5 or around size 7US. I'd prefer SS but I'll take a look at any brand~

*Milky-chan pink necklace:

*Milky-chan replica bag:

*Other Milky-chan accessories (bangle, muffler, tote bag, etc)

*AP headbows~ Preferably pink, but I'll look at any pastel.

*AP wristcuffs

*AP or BTSSB ruffly pink parasols

I would need these items soon, so US or Canada sellers only please! I can pay through Paypal asap if there is something I'm interested in ^^

Thank you!
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, offbrand, secret shop

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