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DS! Offbrand pretty stuff and bodyline heart buckles black <3

  Hi, its my first time selling and i am quite excited ^___^<3 Anyways emm i am going travel soon, so i need $$, so im selling some offbrand staff :D Thanks for looking!

*i am fully negotiable :D do talk to me!

*paypal fee is counted...unless you wanna make it a gift

*shipping is included <3 (only U.S :P)

*I will be leaving june 20 something

*feedback :

My proof: 

*If i did something wrong, please tell me! i really appreciates it:)
kay, here we go~
First, this is a beautiful red skirt with pretty lace(not the cheap kind), with removable bows <3 $50 shipped in U.S(HEAVY!!)

Next, is a white corset style skirt, has a nice "scallop" hem.. $45 shipped u.s

Next, is black and white skirt, nice lace and bows, trust me it's not ita looking :P $47 shipped u.s

Next up, my favourite ><,,, black blouse with beautiful lace details T___T when you raise your hand, the lace opening is so pretty$50 shipped u.s

Next,, is Balck bodyline heart buckles..size 24.5 a little too big for me ...used...give me an offer :D it has original box and everything. some scratch and gum on bottom >< ...worn only a few times but it hurt so bad already T_______T

Ehh, next, is red and black super short petticoat ...give me an offer :D
And..forever pink skirt...give me an offer,,,size M 

Okay..back to the more intersting stuff...emm black fluffy bow...$6 shipped u.s ...if bought with another item..$1!!:D

Bat necklace, very pretty! im just not into goth now T_T it says it can help you spy enermies? haha $25 shipped

YEA! FREE WITH PURCHASEEEE!!! if you want to buy...ask :D i think maybe $5 shipped u.s? 1)tights with holes, punk, 2) lace tights, very comfy 3) white cotton socks, this one a little old4)fake nails? LOL i donno if anyone wants em...(not on sale)5) stripe OTK cotton socks from RTBU, knee lenght stripe socks with small ruffle border  6) Necklaces :D (not on sale)
Once again, thanks for looking and helping <3 if you are unhappy with the price please tell me! And most of the stuff is not damaged much and not dirty. 
(phew...this is actually quite tiring!! )
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