Nattasaurus. (rongunatt) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Simple coloured JSKs. Brand or offbrand~

First of, my feedback is here.

I am searching for cute wardrobe fillers, since I'm rebuilding my lolita wardrobe. I would like to start it off with simple JSKs and the like. No prints please.

I would like to see what people have to offer, I don't want to be too specific because then I won't have much of a choice!

The colours I'm most looking for are: black, white, blackxwhite and red. I'm not too much a fan of pink or pastel colours. I may be interested in blue, depends on the JSK style.

My measurements are currently:

Bust: 39" / 99cm
Waist: 34" / 86cm

(If you have a JSK I might like and it's 1-3cm too small, I still may consider it as I don't plan on keeping these measurements for too long).

Price: I'm sort of hoping to look for cheaper items some people may have. I've seen a couple of cute JSKs floating around for $50USD before shipping, but it really depends on the item you offer up and if I like it enough. ^^

Brand: I don't really mind. I'm really loving pieces from Surface Spell at the moment, so that'd be a plus I guess. Any brand will suffice, I'm not fussy.

Thanks and have a great day/night! *O*

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