neihra (neihra) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WtB 4-week repost!+more Milky-chan ears+cardigan,Meta honeypicnic bow,blouse and chicken^^thank you!

Hello ladys pls help me to find this^^

i pay good!
shipping are to germany^^
Here my feedback

1. I search a chep pink blouse short sleeve! no shirring (from ap anna house or???a cheep blousê^^ )^^
(pic are for example)

2. Metamorphose Headbow honey picnic in mint or pink!!(bow or this bareete)

3. the ap chicken ^^

I search milky-chan fawn ears!! and milky-chans Brown Cardigan pls thake a look in the older wtb!
And the Btssb milk-handy pouch! I pay good!

thank you for your help

Here my ds (sale) post^^

Thank you very much !!

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, metamorphose

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