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DS: AP Magical Etoile skirt, BL cardigan, SS socks


* Prices are listed without shipping. I ship worldwide.
* I am not responsible for items after they have been shipped.
* Payment is by paypal only, and because my situation is little time sensitive, must be made within 48 hours.
* My feedback can be found here.
* I am willing to negotiate a little on prices.

I took a peek into my closet and figured it's time to do a little spring cleaning.

Today, Makoto is going to be my proof of ownership.

Say hi!

Angelic Pretty Magical Etoile skirt in Red - $200 OBO

I'm very sad to see this go! It was purchased off of mbok and it is in excellent condition- I only wore it once.

It comes with a brooch that can be attached to a hat, bag, cardigan, or the skirt- whatever you want!

Bodyline Cardigan in
Red - $15

A gift from a friend, who tells me she purchased it from the comm. It's a little short for my tastes so I'm looking for a new home for it.

The redness made my camera flip out a little, so my hand is in the picture to restore some colour balance. The actual colour is closer to the official image above.

Secret Shop Miracle Candy replica socks in Black -

Purchased for a Miracle Candy OP that I no longer have. Worn and washed twice; they're in really good condition.

Thanks, and Happy Shopping!

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