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!DS: Moving sale! Bodyline cherry JSK, Fluffy chocomint star clips! (Sold out in the store!)


Dress and wig must go to US buyers!

All others smaller items may be mailed internationally.  PLEASE specify where you live in your post (US or international) so that I can invoice you correctly. :)

Please give me time to respond to comments!  If you ask a question and would like a chance at getting the item, please do not leave your computer for too long as I will try to respond immediately and give you first dibs on the item.  Some of these will go FAST!

ALL prices include fees and shipping. :)

If you are positive you fit the criteria for any particular item, go ahead and leave your Paypal (and location).  I will let you know if the item is yours and will screen your comment regardless.

Thank you!!!

Bodyline pink cherry JSK:

Size:  M
Length 90-94cm
Bust 86-96cm
Waist 68-78cm

Description: No visible flaws that I could see.  Laces on the back (which is shirred) were removed by previous owner due to them looking cheap.  Waist ties are still attached.  Big bow comes with it and is detachable.

Worn (sorry it's not a better picture):

Close-up of print/lace:

Dark brown (almost black) wig:


In natural light:

Chocomint YELLOW/blue/pink star 2-way clips:
Price: $18 US, $19 international

Number available: 2



Chocomint PINK/purple/yellow star 2-way clips:

Price: $18 US, $19 international

Number available: 2




Have a wonderful day/night! :)

If you are interested in either of the metallic star clip varieties, let me know and I can put you on a list for them and contact you if any come in stock.

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