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WTB: Socks please!

Relatively quick WTB, just looking to bulk up my sockies as I realise that a lot of my socks have become unwearably trashed, elastic has gone, or they don't really match anything.

My feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/269743.html

** I'm going to highlight this up here because I've received a lot of thoughtful yet unsuitable offers:: I am looking for socks that are relatively cheap as I do a LOT of walking (several miles a day) and wear lolita every day so my socks get trashed very easily.

(I can buy new replica/offbrand socks for £10 shipped so it's not worth it to me to pay more unless they are brand and I love the design.)

In short, I'm interested in:

-Knee highs, OTK's, and ankle socks.
-Classic, sweet, or pretty gothic themes. Also will consider plain coloured socks with lace.
-The base colour of the socks should be black, white, cream/off-white/ivory, pink, lilac/lavender, red, wine red/dark red/burgundy, beige, camel, navy, sax, or brown.
-Ribbons, roses, strawberries/cherries/etc, chandeliers, animals, candy, stars/moons, trump patterns, crosses etc
- New with/without tags, or second hand. Must be in a wearable condition!
-Socks should fit a 24.5cm / UK 5.5 / Euro 38-39, and an average calf size
-If you have cheap brand, great, but I am actually thinking more of offbrand and replica finds please because I don't want to spend more than about £8 shipped for a pair of 2nd Hand socks (even if they've only been worn once).
-I am from a haggling family, so I have no shame in asking for a lower price if I think your price is too high. If you do not want to go any lower, please tell me straight away so I can make my decision based on the price you give and not bother to say what I would really prefer to pay for them. I don't try to rip people off, but if I see that your item is in a worse condition than I'd like, or it's more cheaply made, I won't be afraid to speak my mind!
-I will turn down offers for stuff I'm not really looking for. Please don't be offended if I don't want your socks- they might be lovely socks but I'm quite fussy really!

NOT interested in:
-sheer socks or stockings
-skulls, horizontal stripes, or punk (ripped up) style socks.
-Mint (it's horrible on me), bright/neon colours

Please comment with your price & offer providing a link to your post or journal, or to an uploaded photograph or stock picture.

You don't have to add your feedback and proof straight away-- it might be that what you have is not suitable for me. If I'm interested, I willI ask to see your feedback page and proof photographs, and if I decide to buy I WILL want to be invoiced for it through Paypal so please consider any fees you might want to charge when you tell me what price you'd like. I live in UK, so please bear that in mind too!

I look forward to seeing what you've got to help me keep my feet feeling pretty!

Tags: !wtb, any brand, bodyline, indie brand, offbrand, secret shop

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