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!DT: DOL Melty Chocolate Set & !DS: Vintage/Offbrand Jewelry

My feedback is here:

First to leave Paypal gets the item!
You have a week to pay the invoice, so leave your Paypal to reserve your favorite item!

All prices include shipping for the United States only.
Do you want tracking? (US ONLY): add $.80 USD!
International buyers welcome, just tell me your country so I can calculate shipping.

HUGE pictures, please click the links.

For Direct Trade
Dream of Lolita Melty Chocolate OP Set (OP, Headbow, Wristcuffs) in Pink x White
There is a printing defect on the OP! It's about 1cm. in diameter.
Size M
Bust: 88 cm.
Waist: 74 cm.
Length: 90 cm.

Secret Shop Tea Parties in Light PInk
Size L (24.5)

Anything unsold from my previous pages:

Trade Options
High Priority:
* Heeled Shoes (Black or Lavender only, Size 23.5 or 24.5)

* Boots (Black only, Midcalf /Knee Boots, Size 23.5 or 24.5)

* OTK Socks (White or Black only)

* Bag (Black only)
Or Moitie Bat Bag (Not from Loris, please! But Bodyline replica is OK.)

Medium Priority:
* Headwear (Black Bonnets, Rectangle Headdresses, Canotiers)

* Short Sleeved Blouses (Black or White)

* Parasol (Black, for rainy or sunny)

Low Priority:
* Coat/Jacket

*Assorted Gothic/Classic/Bittersweet OP/JSK/SK

No Priority (Please don't offer, I have too much!):

Special Trade (Almost guaranteed trade for these sets!)
KidsYoYo Marionette Girl Set
JSK/OP in Black w/ Headbow & matching AnTaiNa Card

DOL Sugary Carnival Set
JSK in Black w/ Headbow

For Direct Sale

Vintage Pink Flower Necklace - $5

Vintage Faux Gold Necklace - $5

Vintage Rhinestone Necklace - $5

Mirror & Comb Necklace - $5

Single Stranded Faux Peal Necklace (Double Stranded to fit on the display.) - $3

Thank you for looking! Have a great day!
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