allureviola (allureviola) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

20% off!! Innocent World Mint Kitty Dress - $190 (includes shipping to anywhere)

I ship from Singapore~~ : ) I ship by registered air, within 2 days of payment. I accept only paypal. My feedback can be found here :)

I am trying to raise funds for something I love, so letting go more of my loved things if I can find buyers.

2. Innocent World Mint (or Pistachio Green) Little Lady Dress
Can fit a wider range of dress as it has shirring behind, the jsk is very lovely and is one of my favourites :) USD $240 (EDITED NEW PRICE: $190) (which includes shipping to anywhere)

Photos of myself in the dress:

The adorable cats!!~~


Tags: !ds, innocent world

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