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black Surface Spell 'Vampire Princess' op SOLD~

After much himming and hawing, I've decided to let this dress go.
It's just too much for me :\

The Basics:

- Paypal only, please.
First person who leaves their paypal address gets priority.

- I have a cat, who does have a tendency to sneak into my closet if given the chance.
I do my best to keep my lolita dresses free of hair, but be warned if you have allergies.

- Dress was made to my measurements, 42-35-45.
The waist of this dress can be made smaller by the corsetting in the front.

- I do not have a car, so any trips to the post office, are usually by bus or by foot.
However, I will do my best to get your item shipped to you as soon as possible.
(*I shoot for shipping within the same week your payment clears through paypal.)

- My feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/691360.html
(I am 99% a buyer on this comm. One person I did sell to, never left me feedback. ;w; )

- I am NOT interested in trades at this time.
(Unless you have any h. naoto/other badass gothic cardigans/tops you'd like to part with. I may consider.)

I'm sorry I have only crappy cell phone pictures. My camera is nowhere to be found.

It's a really pretty dress, construction is on par with any brand items that I've come into contact with.
The back is bowless, and the skirt is lined.
Derp. After pulling it out, I've been reminded that it is actually -unlined-. Apologies.
**It also has a very finicky 'dress zipper', which is, I am fairly sure, a trademark of 99% of 'dress zippers'.**

It will include two ribbon bows that can be pinned anywhere on the dress.

The stock photo is 100% accurate :) which you can see here:

I only wore it to try it on, and while it's flattering, I just can't think of anywhere I'd be able to wear it.
(I prefer simpler dresses, or skirts and cutsews, really.
I need to quit buying floofy dresses.)

Extra measurements are available upon request.

I paid $131.31 exactly for this dress brand new, in December, I'd like
$100 shipped OBO.


I am signing offline currently, but I will try to respond to any questions, concerns, etc in a timely manner.

Thank you! ♥

Tags: !ds, *plus size, offbrand

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