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DS/DT: -20%

- Shipping fees are included if you live in the USA. If you would like an item shipped to another country, please add 8$.
- Paypal only, please (Paypal fees are included.)
- I am interested in trades and partial trades (see wishlist at the end of this post.)
- My feedback page.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright headbow - white and chocolate
Price: 25$

Innocent World velvet headbow - bordeaux
Price: SOLD

Please note that this is a picture of the red version, and I am selling the wine version. Although it looks purple on  my proof picture, it is actually the same color as this headbow.

Innocent World Merry-go-round JSK - chocolate

Price: 228$

Waist: 61-73cm
Bust: 77-89cm


Baby Princess scallop JSK - black
Price: SOLD

Please note that I am selling the black version.

(the back of the dress is corseted and that there are waist ties. It can therefore go smaller or larger.)
Waist: ~65cm
Bust: ~83cm
Lenght: ~89cm


Victorian Maiden lace corset OP - black

Price: 212$

Waist: ~71cm
Bust: ~89cm
Lenght: ~95cm

AP turtleneck - burgundy
Price: SOLD

DT only

Millefleurs Bustier JSK - blue


Waist: 56-68cm
Bust: 76-88cm



Wishlist for trades:

My measurements:

bust: 85cm
waist: 63cm


- MmM Ribbon Lace OP (any color, black with white lace preferred)
- MmM Over Lace OP (any color, black and blue preferred)
- MmM Dot Stripe JSK (black with white lace)
- Btssb Anastasia check JSK(black/white)
- IW Tenor OP (black with while collar)
- Aatp Ririetta OP (black)
- MmM Tulle Rose OP (black)
- IW English Rose JSK (pink and burgundy or chocolate)
- AatP Operetta Bouquet JSK (green)
- AatP Stained glass short JSK (any color)
- AP schoolmate OP (any color except green/black)
- AP Annie Striped Shirt OP (black)
- AP Modern Classic OP (black)
- AP Flocky Ribbon OP (grey)


- Very pale pink bolero
- Classic JSKs with no prints or with floral prints
- Chocolate JSK with floral pattern
- Simple black JSK with beige or white lace
- white high collar blouse with short sleeves
- black cutsew with white collar and short sleeves
- small (IW style) white headbow

Thank you for looking, have a nice day.


Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, innocent world, victorian maiden

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